Who am I?

Once again Hi I am Margie.

Short facts about who I am;
I am 17 soon turning 18, I want to share my life here. I guess I could use this as my daily dairy of some kind.  I live in the UK at the current moment, but born and raised in CPH Denmark.

I like staying here in England, its nice, quiet, and I have lots of down time for myself.
Its freeing being here. Being able to say to others that I no longer live in Denmark is hard for me to accept. My whole life is build back home, my family, friends, work, etc are over there. But I’ve decided to go my own way, by taking a huge step in my life. Taking the risk of moving alone into another country – immigrating into England.

I’ve been here for some time now, and now only now I can call it home. I’ve finally accepted that it is here I am staying. And it is here I chose to stay.
I attend College here in the UK – No I do not live in London.
– Yet I wish I did.

But back to taking chances, as I referred to earlier. I never used to be the type of person that I am today, not saying that I’ve turned into some bad person or anything.
People tend to mistaken the fact that I have changed in who I am, and how I am.
– which is wrong.
I am and have always been the person I am today. But I might have changed in how I am. You see, there is a huge difference in between those two, they might sound similar, but are far from being the same. Who you are, is know the details about you, knowing personal stuff about you.
But knowing how you are, is when seeing what you are capable of doing, showing people around you how you react, respond, communicate & etc. – they just know you.

People only know me, but not who I am.



2 thoughts on “Who am I?”

  1. Hi Margie. Welcome to the world of blogging and to England! I actually also live and go to college here as well. By the way your blog sounds very interesting and I look forward to read about your travels! 🙂

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