Been sort of M.I.A.
Seven months has past, and  Im back to blogging again.
I’ve got a lot on my mind that I’d love to share on this platform.
I dont even know where to start, theres just so much. 

Since I last posted my last blog post, which was a very long time ago, I’ve changed in the way of how I think, my actions, my aspects,  in conclusion I am pretty sure that everything about me has changed, in one way or another.

I’ll slowly integrate myself into blogging again.
This platform is perfect for me – don’t remember why I suddenly went MIA
But as of right now, I dont see that happening anytime soon.

When I read my older blogposts, I see that I’ve been a lot more open, in the terms of how I was feeling at that time being. – vulnerable
I sounded very vulnerable, and that I was of some sort deeply hurt by people in my surroundings.

To be quite honest I kind of still feel the same way, but I guess Ive just managed to handle my emotions, as well as chose my words wisely, compared to before.
– Not by any means, do I mean that I’ll be less personal about the way I write, but just take good caution of the content that I put out there, since this is a open/public platform for everyone to read.
I guess this is also another way of me letting some of my thoughts, anger, stress, happiness or whatever it might be that makes me feel determined to post it here onto my blog.


Rainy Beijing – Photo taken by the window seat

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