Have you ever had that strong temptation to go back to back old habits?

– Cause I know that I have.

It’s hard not to do the things you want to do but it’s even harder when you know that it might hurt your loved ones when doing so; knowing that they will eventually somehow find out the wrongs that you pursued in doing – It feels  daunting.

Reconnecting with old friends.
The bridge between reconnecting and friends, is quite a hard task to obtain – I’d say.

You know as much as you want to make things work again, as they once used to be, is not always applicable to happen. The past is never forgotten, and sometimes they hang onto us for the rest of our lives. 

You have to know when to let go and when to realise that you can’t keep doing these things any more.

You know it’s funny because I know all of this already.
– But why do I not follow that same pathway when knowing that is the way to back to happiness? 

I sometimes tend to be delusional and sometimes I hallucinate things that are not actual or real at the time being.

I use my imagination very often, thinking in past tense. 

I’d like to share a depthless example.
Do you ever pass by a location or a certain area that draws you back in time, making you re-live the happiness and pain simultaneously and then it all ends with those goosebumps that we all know so well? 

I tend to get flashbacks one after the other.

The kind where you have to shake your mind back to reality thou you hover about the lingering memories that you dwell upon all to yourself constantly trembling and feeling overwhelmed.

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