Picture above, has some back story to it.
March 10 2015 I decided to travel across the world.
Reckless and ignorant as I once was back then,
I said to myself:
“Whats the worst that could happen?
Its harmless – as of right now”
Being 16 at that time being,
I was very much  N a i v e
on very rare occasions I still am that today.

Although laughing my way through seemed easy
– never assume
Great act of ignorance, cluelessness, and a set of spontaneous goggles
has been well masked to those whom questioned me
Red flags wavered
signs of “warning” written all over it
– were overlooked
Logic as well as common-senses were erased from sight
replaced with the determination of “harmless”
increased level of trouble ahead
can you tell I was naive?


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