Your dishonesty had me overthink like crazy.
Your dishonesty made me question you.
Your dishonesty led me to assume on my own.
Your dishonesty reminded me how selfish you are.
Your dishonesty clarified questionable aspects about you.
Your dishonesty enabled me to comprehend certain situations.
Your dishonesty drains a good chunk of my time.
Your dishonesty is the reason why it’s been toxic between the two of us.

Your dishonesty, your dishonesty,
Your dishonesty man – had me believe I could get A+ in maths
Yet I keep brushing it off like it don’t mean nothing.
Like it ain’t nothing to me.
Like it ain’t stressing me, nor bothering me, or upsetting me.
Yet that alone – had me thinking you were hating on me, playing with me – dude I got feeling too. Though you let non-off that get to you.
But mostly I hate the way that I dont hate you, Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.

Yours sincerely,

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