Dear FriEND

SnapseedAs you Portray yourself as “disguised” I’m no dummy dear friend, I look right through your pettiness with no mercy.

I don’t know : that wasn’t me, you say. But not so fast my dear friend, I caught you! na ah ah~! actions speaks louder than words. You keep beating the dead horse, what do you want from me?

Never thought you’d be that hard to forget. Never thought I’d cry for you. Never thought I’d forgive you the way that I did.

I hope someday you’ll open your eyes, and be honest with yourself. Be true to non other than yourself, you won’t fool me that easily dear friend. 

Your stories ain’t that smooth, watch out. Cause you might get caught in the act. I may not come off as vocal as I should be, but I’d rather want it that way. It’s easier for me to see when you mask on and when you mask off.

Kind regards from your dear friend Margie


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